Wednesday, January 24th 2018

Thermaltake Intros Pacific M4 Monoblock for ASUS TUF X299 Mk I

Thermaltake is on a cross-branded products launch spree, and its latest creation is a Pacific M4 monoblock designed for ASUS TUF X299 Mark I motherboard. A monoblock is an enlarged CPU water block that cools even the VRM surrounding the CPU socket, something Intel's "Skylake-X" platform could really do with. The Pacific M4 combines a nickel-plated copper main block, with an acrylic top that's been studded with 256-color RGB LED elements through a silicone diffuser; and a top sticker with Thermaltake and ASUS TUF logos. The RGB LEDs take in standardized 4-pin RGB input, and can be controlled by ASUS Aura Sync RGB software. Heat drawn from the VRM is conveyed by a base-plate onto the main block. The block takes in standard G1/4 fittings. Measuring 154 mm 114 mm x 29.4 mm (LxWxH), the monoblock weighs 770 g. The company didn't reveal pricing.
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5 Comments on Thermaltake Intros Pacific M4 Monoblock for ASUS TUF X299 Mk I

Excellent, easy and nice also cheap could be . I've been thinking about a similar solution with a pump or two at the top for a while.
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Ferrum Master
The bottom fan becomes a parody.
From other photos of the motherboard it looks like the fan is supposed to blow air over M.2 slots under the cover.
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Just *4 screws, absolute minimum, to secure the cold plate. That surface mate had better be 100.000% flat and never deform due to heat capacitance by any amount.
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The picture of the block is for reference only, I have emailed TT asking them if the armour has to be removed, let's hope not.
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