Thursday, February 1st 2018

Synology Launches Their 16-bay RackStation RS2818RP+ NAS

Synology Inc. today launched RackStation RS2818RP+, a 3U 16-bay NAS providing large storage capacity with affordable total cost of ownership (TCO) for small and medium-sized businesses. RS2818RP+ is Synology's first 3U RackStation NAS in the Plus Series product line, supporting up to 16 drive bays with up to 192TB raw capacity. The storage capacity can be further expanded up to 336TB when connecting to one RX1217(RP), providing on-the-fly volume expansion.

"One of the common challenges for modern small and medium-sized businesses is finding a storage solution that can store large amounts of data while having the flexibility to scale when business grows," said Jason Fan, Product Manager at Synology Inc. "RS2818RP+ offers large storage capacity with affordable TCO. It is ideal to serve as a centralized backup target, a file server or a hub-and-spoke backup target for distributed businesses."
RS2818RP+ is powered by an Intel Atom C3538 quad-core CPU and 4GB DDR4 non-ECC UDIMM RAM, expandable up to 64GB with four 16GB ECC UDIMMs. The four plug-and-play Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports can be expanded with higher performance 10GbE NICs, providing over 1,400 MBps sequential read throughput and 26,000 random write IOPS.

RS2818RP+ can be purchased together with Synology's Extended Warranty (EW202) service, available in select regions worldwide, to provide up to 5 years of hardware warranty coverage.

RS2818RP+ runs on DiskStation Manager, the advanced and intuitive operating system for Synology NAS devices, with various applications offered to enhance work productivity. Synology has received numerous media accolades, topping the mid-range NAS category in TechTarget's storage solution survey and winning PC Mag Readers' Choice seven years in a row.

For more information on RS2818RP+, please visit

RS2818RP+ - $3702.75, £2596.36 (inc VAT), € 2380.00 (exc taxes)
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Mad: CPU Model Intel Atom C3538 - So Synology HAVE got their act together for the new Denverton platform - so why didnt they use this processor (with better performance, improved power efficiency, and faster AES encryption engine) in their RS818+ they launched just 2 weeks ago!? We waited so long... CLICKME

Sad: This is just a quad core $75 Atom chip, but given the price they want for this Rackstation, they should have delivered better value and performance to their customers with the superior octo-core Atom C38xx series, or dodeca C39xx series.
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May 18th, 2022 01:43 EDT change timezone

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