Monday, April 16th 2018

Lian Li Announces the PC-O11 Dynamic Chassis

Lian Li today announced the PC-O11 Dynamic, a variant of the PC-O11 dual-compartment chassis, which it showed off at the 2018 International CES. A variant of the PC-O11 launched back in early-2017, the Dynamic has been built with design inputs from German PC enthusiast der8auer, which come in the form of more - and better positioned - fan vents with dust filters, illuminated front panel ports, jacks, and buttons; better positioned radiator mounts than the original, and a metallic badge with Lian Li and der8auer logos. The case still measures 450 mm x 450 mm x 275 mm, and weighs close to 10 kg owing to its mostly steel construction that relegates aluminium to just a front-panel garnish; and glass panels over the front-left and left-side panels. There are two main color variants, gray+black, and white+black. Available now, it is priced at 129€.
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5 Comments on Lian Li Announces the PC-O11 Dynamic Chassis

I want one just white too.
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The Exiled Airman
They in the past have made Great Looking Cases, just price was meh. The tempered glass thing isn't my interest though.
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Not bad for $160. I like the layout, and the way the glass panels are mounted without visible thumbscrews. Plenty of room for thick radiators. If I wanted to build a large water-cooled PC, this would be on my short list.
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Not a bad looking case. Just wish more people would do what corsair did with there 540 case by hiding the PSU
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