Friday, January 26th 2007

Fujitsu crams 1Tb into 1 inch

The engineers at Fujitsu have managed a breakthrough which would allow the company to produce hard drives with 1Tb of data per square inch. This figure is almost seven times the density of the latest perpendicular recording drives. The technology behind this is referred to by Fujitsu as “patterned media” – it uses anodised aluminium to create a pattern of holes, each holding a portion of magnetic material used to store a single bit of data, with the aluminium oxide around each hole magnetically insulating it. Fujitsu is continuing to work on this technology, aiming for 4Tb per square inch by 2010.Source: Reg Hardware
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Semi-Retired Folder
Sweet! Finally I will be able to store my porno collection on a single drive! :D
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newtekie1 said:
Sweet! Finally I will be able to store my porno collection on a single drive! :D
Why do u need that much porn? The point is only to keep the good ones.
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A different set for a different mood?

I mean just how many times have you wanted the some old gaped trannie hooker MILF sorority slut with red hair and a furry critter?
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@naysayers... don't judge his pr0n collection as bad until you've seen it! Perhaps he has ALREADY cut out the rubbish stuff, and he has really got THAT MUCH GOOD STUFF! (I guess with super HDD video at 50GB per shot this is possible)


Personally, I'd use if for my ultra-hi-res scans of my stamp collection.

LOL :roll:
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Stamp collection?

A rhoom stamp?
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Bird of Prey
Smaller and bigger?
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My dream of finally downloading the internet is inching closer and closer.
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A recursive backup the internet?
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