Friday, January 26th 2007

Startup website can 'name that tune' when users sing to it

Currently in beta, Midomi has the unique ability to "name that tune". All a user has to do is sing into a microphone and send the clip to Midomi. Clever software will then analyze the tune, and then post a list of possible songs, which the user can sample and then buy for 99 cents USD. The website has licensed over 2 million songs, has 12,000 user created songs, and is working on getting more. Users can also search for songs by song or artist title, and the system recognized misspelled words. The site is paid by advertisements, meaning that people who have not registered can search and locate songs. People who have registered can upload clips of themselves singing, and critique each other on their performances. The brilliant software behind all this was developed at Stanford. It is called the Multimodal Adaptive Recognition System, or MARS for short.Source: CNET
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3 Comments on Startup website can 'name that tune' when users sing to it

Semi-Retired Folder
I remember hearing about on The Screensavers this when it was in its early stages(back when The Screensavers were on Tech TV). It looked very promising then, and I am glad it finally saw the light of day.
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Bird of Prey
OMG! I love this. Do you know how many songs I cant remember the title too or what they are but I can sing out some lines? This is awesome!!!
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