Thursday, May 10th 2018

ENERMAX Launches SABERAY, the Flagship RGB Gaming Chassis

ENERMAX, a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance PC hardware products, launches SABERAY, the flagship RGB gaming chassis. Featuring bright and even lighting strips and 3 T.B.RGB fans, SABERAY delivers amazing and stunning lighting effects. Certified by ASRock, Asus, Gigabyte, and MSI motherboard manufacturers for RGB synchronization, SABERAY can smoothly match colors with other system components for a more appealing and elegant look.

The mid-tower gaming chassis supports 360 / 280 / 240mm radiators, providing gamers and modders with great flexibility in liquid cooling configuration. Furthermore, designed with both aesthetics and ventilation in mind, SABERAY includes interchangeable two meshed panels and one acrylic panel, so that users can run depending on different configuration and usage. SABERAY also comes with a 4mm panoramic tempered glass window, allowing users to show off their precious rigs.
Two Ways to Control RGB Synchronization
SABERAY is certified by ASRock, ASUS, GIGABYTE and MSI for RGB synchronization. For those who do not use the RGB-sync motherboards, the built-in integrated control hub allows users to keep 5 RGB devices' lighting in sync; furthermore, the hub can also control the speed of 6 fans together.

Four Designated Locations for Liquid Cooler Installation
SABERAY offers hardcore hardware enthusiasts a solid structure with ample room for top-end components and customized cooling configurations. Ample space for up to 9 fans or 4 designated locations for water cooler installation gives gamers and modders the roomy interior and massive cooling potential to design their masterpieces.

SABERAY will be available at retail in May.

  • Synchronizable Lighting via RGB Motherboards: Certified by ASRock, ASUS, GIGABYTE, and MSI for RGB lighting synchronization
  • Integrated Control Hub: For non-RGB motherboards, SABERAY's integrated control hub allows users to keep 5x RGB devices' lighting in sync.
  • Two Quick-release Front Panels: SABERAY comes with a meshed panel and an acrylic panel, so users can run depending on their configurations.
  • Extensive Cooling Potential: Ample space for up to 9 fans or 4 designated locations for water cooler installation!
  • ENERMAX T.B.RGB Fans: 3x ENERMAX T.B. RGB Fans are pre-installed to deliver brilliant lighting effects.
For more information, visit the product page.
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6 Comments on ENERMAX Launches SABERAY, the Flagship RGB Gaming Chassis

It's pronounced "SABER-ayy".
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This is how you do it. Install the acrylic panel by default for those who like the looks, and include a mesh panel for the idiots like me who want good airflow in their PC.

This is a case I probably wouldn't mind buying.
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Not sure how all the storage drives fit in there. Also, this is probably not cheap, but doesn't have one USB-C connector on the front panel.
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here is the product video:
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