Friday, June 8th 2018

Reeven Presents Impressive Air Cooling Product Lineup at COMPUTEX 2018

Reeven at COMPUTEX 2018 showcased various of its air cooling products, including the company's Ouranos II, Justice II, and Okeanos tower coolers, which ally impressive looks with great overall performance. The Ouranos II is a revised version of their original Ouranos (who would have thunk it), and has been designed precisely to deliver top cooling performance without getting in the way of users' RAM of graphics cards. There's a high performance asymmetrical heatpipe design that better distributes heat through the heatsink, which is then cooled by a 140 mm fan for both silent operation and high air throughput.

The Okeanos REV B is a monster of an air cooler, with a dual tower, dual fan design. One of the fans is of the 140 mm type (the one in-between the tower heatsinks), while the other is of the 120 mm size, to allow for better compatibility. The Okeanos Rev. B is still being shown as a prototype-type cooler, so it could see some more revisions of some of its design choices. Still, the company is announcing the Okeanos Rev. B to eventually deliver the company's superior cooling performance and efficiency.
The company's Justice II cooler was also presented, with a more compact, 155 mm design. The Justice II reduces the fan size to the regular 120 mm, increasing compatibility with other system components, and its mounting system has been revised to allow for better contact with the CPU heatsink.
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Come on.... No comment's yet on the "Ouranus?"

I was going to comment during my lunch break, but I figured that would be childish....
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Sorry, too busy laughing .....
Both large towers are clearly marked as prototype, not just the latter.
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