Monday, June 11th 2018

Ducky Adds to their Keyboard Lineup with the One, Zero and Blade Series

Ducky had more to show at Computex this year besides their flagship keyboards, with some additions to their more budget-friendly Ducky One 2 (second iteration) and the entry-level Zero series, along with the Blade keyboard finally making a full appearance. The One 2 series received a new member to the family with the One 2 Mini that comes in either an ANSI 61-key or an ISO 62-key form factor. As with the rest of the One 2 series, these get a dual-color bezel too, albeit plastic instead of metal as with the Shine 7. The One 2 Mini series will come in many color versions, each of which further has multiple Cherry MX switch options as well as backlighting options (none, single color, RGB backlit). All of them retain the excellent PBT doubleshot injected keycaps with seamless legends we saw before, and these also have front printed legends (albeit laser etched owing to difficulty in making these doubleshot injected along with the top legends) to help configure layers that compensate for the fewer number of keys. Another feature to note is the detachable USB Type-C connectivity, with onboard functionality and the three-stage height adjustment being retained from the rest of the series. Images of the new One 2 Mini keyboards are seen below along with the relatively new One 2 RGB, and there is more to read after the break.
The Ducky Zero series has always offered a well-built mechanical keyboard at lower prices for those who do not need the extra frills, and this series gets some updates as well beginning with the full-size Zero 3108, the TKL Zero 3087, and a 75% form factor Zero 3084 (84-keys). A lot of the features from the One and Shine series can be seen here, including thick PBT plastic keycaps, onboard functionality, detachable USB Type-C connectivity and the three-stage height adjustment. To get to a lower price point, we do see the older style seamed legends on the doubleshot injected keycaps here with an older version of Ducky Macro as well. Note that the Zero 3084 can be used in a wireless mode via Bluetooth (albeit BT 3.0, another price saving here) if you do not prefer to use the wired connection. Another interesting feature is that the legends on the Zero 3087 are doubleshot injected and front faced on the keycap, while we also see at least one other color option here to differentiate from the usual all-black.
The Ducky Blade was teased multiple times, and in multiple different forms as well, before finally taking on a form that has been confirmed for retail release later this year. This final version uses Cherry's new MX Low Profile RGB switch (currently only in the linear Red version), and the design of said switch also means the use of lower profile keycaps as seen in the images below. To add to the overall design, Ducky has used a low profile case as well, with side accents adding some flair. There are no current plans for a wireless mode, with Ducky opting to give it for the smaller form factor Zero series instead of this slim-but-full size keyboard.
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Finally a 75% from Ducky :D
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PLSG08 said:
Finally a 75% from Ducky :D
Not just that, but BT, PBT, and side-printed as well.
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