Monday, January 29th 2007

Sapphire Releases X1950GT Video Card

A new introduction by Sapphire Technology now reduces the cost of entry to its highly successful X1950 Series. The SAPPHIRE X1950GT is scheduled to ship from retailers and system integrators worldwide from January 29th 2007. Featuring ATI RADEON X1950GT core(500MHz), 256MB GDDR3 (1200MHz), 36 pixel shader units and CrossFire support, the SAPPHIRE X1950GT is fully compatible with the Windows Vista 3D environment, DirectX 9.0 - Shader Model 3.0 and OpenGL graphics. The SAPPHIRE X1950GT series of video cards natively support HDCP and feature the ATI Avivo technology. Two Dual-link DVI outputs are also provided, as well as TV out.Source: Sapphire Technology
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What are the main differences between these and the x1950pro? Do they have dongle-less crossfire?
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MrW said:
What are the main differences between these and the x1950pro? Do they have dongle-less crossfire?
The major difference between this and X1950Pro is lower clocks.
X1950GT are made from RV570LE (chips that fail the heat test)
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there are soo many versions of x19 series now
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X1950GT,X1950PR0,X1950XT,X1950XTX, Dual 1950pro cards (comming) Man wtf.

Im sure with a decent cooler than thing could reach 1950pro speeds...well thats my guess.
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Deja Vu? E6300 & E4300... same story.

X1950GT has already been released in china, in china they are cheaper than 7600GTs LOL (Yet more powerful, too many variants in china these days >_>).

X1950GT = Dongle-less crossfire, it is still a great midrange performer (I think some pipes are locked). Basically its the same great core but at lower clocks (with water cooling you'd probably clock around X1950PRO speeds). Sapphire better make a better (pun intended) cooler for their X1950GTs.

Guys who want midrange, buy this... its a powerful GPU at a cheap price, especially the chinese brands... who knows what you are going to find for the cooler *Screams to the sky: I found a mini-sized freezer 64 on one of them!!! Except its flat!*
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Bird of Prey
I love variety. Two of these in crossfire should be pretty awesome.
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wazzledoozle said:
Is this is a X1950XT or Pro core?
It is RV570LE basically same as X1950Pro.
And the X1950GT have nothing locked:rockout:
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What Crossfire chipset is the 1950GT? I would assume it would be the 3200. However the X1650XT has the same Naive crossfire support also but from what I am told from MSI is that it operates off the 1600 chipset instead of 3200.

I want to get two x1950GTs and run them in crossfire mode.

I would hate to get a 3200 MOBO then find out the GTs were not compatible with it in Crossfire mode.
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Heedless Psychic
underclocked 1950Pro cores, 600MHz is likely their uppermost limit on a decent air cooler and a slight voltage mod.
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