Tuesday, July 10th 2018

Steacom DA2 and Canvas: Hands-on

We recently went hands-on with two of Streacom's latest creations unveiled this Computex. The Streacom DA2 is bigger than it looks in the images, yet small enough for a build sized just right for an executive's desk. The case is airy because of the gaps between the side panel and the top and bottom panels that aid convection; and the perforated side panel lets you suspend a 240 mm x 120 mm radiator. This is easier to show in a render where you can easily crop the length of an AIO liquid cooler's coolant tubes to be just right. The real-world demo build had a fairly tall top-flow air cooler. The SFX-L power supply mounted towards the front of the case, with its inlet facing the right side panel unclutters the interiors, and lets you mount a fairly long 2-slot graphics card into the ITX motherboard's sole PCIe slot.
Next up, is the Streacom Canvas open-air case. This one is for those who like to show off their hardware in a minimalist tower-type (yet pedestal-capable) chassis. Its design is deceptively simple - a rectangular steel frame has bolts along the corners, to which you can mount arms on either side, suspending tempered glass panels. The frame features a black steel tray in to which you mount your components using magnetic mounts, letting you position your components (motherboard, PSU, drives, cooling, etc.,) whichever way you like, hence the name. The case includes a wide range of bolts, mounts, and screws for different kinds of components.
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Isn't the purpose of a glass case to display rgb?
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I love that they used a GTX 480 in their demo system.
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