Monday, February 5th 2007

Google Planning Web-Based PowerPoint Alternative

Google already has Docs and Spreadsheets – free web based software which lets you create word processed documents and spreadsheets - but now it is planning to add presentation software to this mini office-suite. The information, which was discovered by accident, suggests Google is set to add Presently to it’s web-based line up sometime in the future, which should be able to create online slide shows. This will essentially complete the basic applications in Google’s office equivalent, and should be free to anyone who has an account with Google.Source: eWEEK
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How long before Google starts dabbling in its own OS?
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That's great news. Unlike Excel and Word which are excellent products... and therefore very hard to imitate with the same features... Powerpoint is rubbish and fails to meet the needs of many business users, i.e. keep it simple... make it look good... easy to develop the presentation... easy to distribute.

There is a good possibility Googles version will nuke MS's powerpoint.
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Bird of Prey
Google is starting to play with monopoly money ::rofl:: :roll: :roll: :roll:

This is good news though. I cant wait to try them out.
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I really doubt that Google can top Powerpoint with a web browser based application - but I do think powerpoint is sh(t. Macromedia Flash is the best.
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As long as flash stays away from websites, ok.
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kakazza said:
As long as flash stays away from websites, ok.
LoL!:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Just because you don't know how to make a quality flash project, doesn't mean that flash should be banned from the internet. Example: Google Video, Youtube. Check out for really cool work. Whoops, we can't play games @ Zone now, because we've got a complainer... Someone delete newgrounds because some hippie hates flash.....:nutkick:
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