Friday, November 23rd 2018

CHERRY Introduces the MX Board 1.0: MX Switches and HighSpeed Key Recognition

CHERRY today introduced the MX Board 1.0, a mechanical keyboard at a more interesting price point. The combination of high-precision CHERRY MX switches in different variants and high-performance HighSpeed key recognition creates an uncompromising keyboard for avid writers. Furthermore, The MX Board 1.0 features abrasion-resistant keycaps, anti-ghosting, and full N-key rollover.
CHERRY MX switches for highest input quality
With the MX Board 1.0, CHERRY offers a high-quality keyboard with its precise MX switches. This ensures a pleasant typing experience and reliable input over an extremely long period of time. Each switch is guaranteed for over 50 million operations without loss of input quality.

Maximum performance with HS technology
CHERRY has also integrated HighSpeed key recognition, which allows for an ultra-fast conversion of input thanks to a special digital controller. This allows the MX Board 1.0 to achieve maximum performance without compromises.

Anti-ghosting and full N-key rollover
The MX Board 1.0 is a high-quality mechanical keyboard featuring full N-key rollover and 100 percent reliable anti-ghosting. These two technologies guarantee an absolutely flawless recognition of keystrokes at any time, even when many keys are pressed simultaneously.

Backlight and abrasion-resistant keycaps
CHERRY has implemented a white, dimmable backlight with several lighting modes. The keycaps have been designed for a uniform illumination of the keyboard. A protective layer of finish on the caps ensures a high abrasion-resistance.

Adjustable height and illuminated USB plug
For a non-slip grip on the desk, the feet of the MX Board 1.0 can be height-adjusted in three steps. CHERRY has also integrated an illuminated USB plug and the keyboard features a detachable palm rest and elegant logo application.

The CHERRY MX Board 1.0 is available with MX Silent Red or MX Brown switches at a suggested retail price of €90 / £80.
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5 Comments on CHERRY Introduces the MX Board 1.0: MX Switches and HighSpeed Key Recognition

Fishfaced Nincompoop
So this is like the MX-Board 3.0 but ... newer, and with the usb cable in a better position? Same price point, but came out in 2013.
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Fishfaced Nincompoop
One super annoying thing with the 3.0 BTW is that the raising feet are mounted sideways and in such a way that any sideways movement on the keyboard drops one of them. It is amazingly annoying.
Posted on Reply
Hmm...'Z' and 'Y' keys switched
Posted on Reply
MKRoninHmm...'Z' and 'Y' keys switched
Looks like QWERTZ layout to me.
Posted on Reply
FourstaffLooks like QWERTZ layout to me.
Thanks for pointing that out, didn't realize that was even a thing.
Posted on Reply
May 24th, 2022 08:14 EDT change timezone

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