Tuesday, December 4th 2018

In Win Launches CROWN Series RGB Modular 120, 140 mm Case Fans

InWin Development Inc. (InWin), a leading innovator in PC design, has launched its latest CROWN Series case fans.

High Static Pressure
The CROWN series is a 'turbine inspired' high static pressure fan (1.87 mm H2O). Available in both AC120 (120mm) and AC140 (140 mm) sizes. The surrounding circular casing is tapered outwards at the edge to reduce noise, allows more airflow and provides a more attractive overall lighting effect. The AC120 features nine clear blades, while the AC140 possesses eleven blades. The corner mounting system incorporates four shockproof rubber pads to eliminate any vibration transfer to the chassis.

Patented Modular Design
The CROWN series offers innovative features such as a patented modular cable design that allows daisy-chaining the CROWN fans together to simplify cable management and speed up the setup process. It's ideal for fans placed together in arrays such as top-to-bottom panel coverage or water-cooling radiators, allowing them to sync and reduce the number of motherboard fan-headers required.

Addressable RGB
Six central RGB LEDs are controlled by an independent IC, allowing fully customizable and addressable RGB lighting effects that shine outwards into the frosted blades. An addressable cable is supplied that attaches to the 3-pin addressable RGB headers on compatible motherboards to sync and operate with their software and control the lighting effects. In the CROWN Twin Pack, an RGB modular controller is supplied to enable control of the color effects independently.
Low Power, Wide Operating Range
The wide operating range (500-1,600 RPM) and low power use (max 2.16W) means the CROWN series is ideal for a range of applications or PC systems that require anything from silent operation (14.7dB) to high performance (53.07CFM), while its long-life sleeve bearings and ultra-high build quality (PBT/PC) with a leading 60k MTBF.
Sources: In Win, In Win Crown
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