Tuesday, February 6th 2007

Microsoft will offer rewards for people who play enough Xbox360

Microsoft and Old Spice teamed up, and are going to give Xbox Live gamers rewards for, well, playing their Xbox360. If you register for the program by February 12th, you are eligible for a wide variety of awards. To register for the program you need to "Have a valid Windows Live ID linked to your Xbox Live Gamertag; Be a legal resident of the United States (future contests will be available on a global scale) and be at least 13 years old." The awards are divided into three tiers, depending on how seriously you take gaming (Microsoft calls it your "gamerscore").
  • Level 1 (Gamers who have an annual gamerscore between 0-4,999 at time of entry): Game Picture, Dashboard theme, Contra for Xbox LIVE Arcade
  • Level 2 (5,000-9,999 annual gamerscore): Level 1 Package, 100 Microsoft Points and a contest T-shirt
  • Level 3 (10,000+ annual gamerscore): Level 1 Package, 200 Microsoft Points, contest T-shirt and Fusion Frenzy 2 In addition, Old Spice will give Level 1 and 2 the gift of experience by upgrading their Rewards Level for 2007.
Source: 1Up
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6 Comments on Microsoft will offer rewards for people who play enough Xbox360

I huess thats neat...im in level 1
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Graphical Hacker
Neato. That means you have to be a pwnage master.
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If u have enough money to rent 10 games, getting 10,000 points is a matter of 5 days.
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Finally there is a way to "trade" Gamerscore for MS Points. I think ever since the release people requested that. Although 100/200 MS Points are like nothing... Can buy like 1-2 Themes for that.
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Bird of Prey
Im in Level 1 too, though I havent played on Live in forever.
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The biggest thing with me and getting points, is that half of what you need to do to get points, I don't want to do at all. Everything you usually just kind of get from playing the game. I have like 3700 points or something, all of it just from playing through normally. So I mean, I don't know.
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