Tuesday, January 8th 2019

In Win Showcases 928, 905 and A1 Plus PC Cases at CES 2019

InWin packed up some of their new products for this year's CES, and showcased a number of cases - though none as extravagant as their Z Tower (though that one did make her cameo appearance, if you look, and not even that closely). The 928, for example, packs a "luxury, modern, masculine design" of the super tower type, with GPU risers allowing for that full-on look on some of today's most design-focused shrouds.
The A1 Plus, o the other hand, is a Mini ITX case with addressable RGB lighting, a wireless recharging station on the top of the unit, and includes a 650 W power supply. There's room for a dual-slot graphics card and 4x system fans, as well as limited water cooling support.
The 905 rounds out the offerings with a Mid Tower case, with the "aesthetics of brushed aluminum" and "elegant edge design", with tempered glass side panel and RGB lighting. It too features support for a graphics card set up on a riser. It features a somewhat subdued design, though there are some aggressive cuttings in the aluminum right along the edges of the front panel. The double-sided tempered glass is a nice touch.
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3 Comments on In Win Showcases 928, 905 and A1 Plus PC Cases at CES 2019

That 928 looks mental. InWin finally designed something I would buy. If I had a few hundred to spare on a case.
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No 140mm version of the aluminium RGB fans?

Well thats disappointing.
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