Sunday, February 11th 2007

Activision suing The Ant Commandos....again

Some of you may have heard that The Ant Commandos were known for making an aftermarket Guitar Hero controller. Of course, you may also remember that they never got permission from Activision to make/use it. And so after a considerable amount of lawsuits/counter-suits, they settled. Now, with Harmonix having left the Guitar Hero project, things have gotten much stickier. Some Red Octane employees left the Guitar Hero project, and went over to The Ant Commandos to help them make their own game. This game is being accused of using elements that were clearly used in the Guitar Hero series, and some forms of DDR. Activision responded immediately by banning the demo from being downloaded. The demo will remain banned unless The Ant Commandos can prove that they developed their game without the help of the Red Octane employees or Reverb Communications.

Activision is suing for...
  • Copyright infringement
  • Trademark infringement
  • Misappropriating trade secrets and confidential information
  • Breach of contract
  • Interference with contractual relations
In addition to whatever terms Activision demands from this suit, they want to ban The Ant Commandos from making Guitar Hero 2 Accessories for the Xbox360 for three months.Source: 1Up
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4 Comments on Activision suing The Ant Commandos....again

They're just jealous that the former employees are trying to make a living outside the company doing the same stuff they did before. Really I think it's that simple.
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Random Murderer
The Anti-Midas
wow... activision... way to be as retarded as ea...
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Bird of Prey
When you buy the game, dont the controller come with it? I mean, seriously? Who cares if the ymake an aftermarket controller. Youll still sell plenty of games. On the otherhand, I see Activision's point completely. Theyve been in the industry for years....
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Yes the controller comes with the game, but if you want 2 people to play guitar hero at once, and not all parties have/want to bring over a guitar hero controller, it's pretty good to have a second one lying around :).
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