Thursday, March 21st 2019

Roccat Announces the Kova AIMO Gaming Mouse

The Kova AIMO, ROCCAT's most versatile mouse yet, is available now. With a design optimized for both left- and right-handed gamers alike, it is exceptionally adaptable. Yet it is also remarkably comfortable owing to its refined, ergonomic shape. The mouse features quick-fire buttons that are intuitively placed on either side of the main top buttons to allow for fast, instinctive control. Together with the Titan wheel and additional side buttons, the Kova AIMO offers an impressive 20 possible functions.

It represents the latest addition to the AIMO family and boasts 16.8 million discrete color options. AIMO is both a lighting engine and an ecosystem at once. Its functionality grows based on the number of compatible devices connected and presents vivid, state-of-the-art illumination scenarios without the need for configuration. With the Kova AIMO the lighting is showcased on the robust Titan wheel and newly revamped logo.
The Kova AIMO is priced at €59.99 and is available now at leading retailers and in the ROCCAT online shop. Black and white colorways are available.
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6 Comments on Roccat Announces the Kova AIMO Gaming Mouse

TPU addict
Kinda like it, though i do wish the laser was more center forward. like to see a wireless one now.
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Curious about the weight, this thing looks like a tank.
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Too bad their build quality is still bad. I've owned three Roccat Kova's, two first gen and one second gen models, all of them have failed to similar problem: Middle button of the scroll stops working. Also, Roccat's mouse software, especially macros, is utter crap nowadays. It has amazing features but it's so unpolished that it's extremely painful to use.
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TPU addict
Failing buttons is a none issue for me, just a matter of replacing them. but failing wheel eek. I am still using a MK Pro keyboard and after replacing all the LEDS i have had 0 issue with them.

How ever the casing to the keyboard is some what on the soft side. Which brings me why i would probably avoid this mouse as i hate shiny mice.
Vayra86That's not bad at all then. I find my 120ish G G502 a bit on the heavy side.
yeah, the Sensei wireless is around 120g too although that has a battery in side it. how ever i have not had to replace any of the switches yet and it's been way over a year now.

Just wish it was bigger and the sensor was more forward.
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