Tuesday, February 13th 2007

Windows Vista doesn't play nice with games

One of the main reasons to buy Vista is support for the next version of the Direct3D API, DirectX10. It was apparent from the moment that the first public betas of Vista were released that games were going to be challenging. While Chris Donahue, manager of Microsoft’s Games for Windows group, assured us that Microsoft tested thousands of games for Windows Vista, apparently there were a few that failed the tests (he did not comment as to which games those were). Classic first-person shooters, such as Half Life 2 and Doom 3, are having serious issues when being played in Windows Vista. Some games will not run at all, while others will crawl along at a seriously decreased framerate. The main causes of this are a lack of good (or for some video cards, WHQL certified) hardware drivers, the complexity of Windows Vista, and a lack of entry-level/midrange cards that can really handle DirectX10.Source: ComputerWorld
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All Valve games and BF2 work for me. People are just desperate to find things to whine about.
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Wile E
Power User
ATI's drivers are WQHL certified, might they be referring to nVidia's drivers? I'd like to know the test setups that caused problems.
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CS 1.6 also doesn't run in Vista, if it runs, it maybe by-chance !
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I understand that making Vista is shit hard because it has to be backwards compatible with *everything*, but.. they have had at least 4 years already.
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ya, but now it's here as the motto says "the wow starts now" :)
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ATI drivers are struggling with most opengl games. I know from trying it myself. ATI opengl support will be fixed in future releases, nvidia appear okayish at the moment. Just a pity i gotta wait for ati to get their finger out :(
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Bird of Prey
Just goes to show all the nvidia supporters and vista supporters, that what we have been saying all along isnt false. Some games alot of folks play just wont run worth a crap. Kind of sucks, I hope they get it figured out soon and I hope ATI doesnt have this problem.
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