Tuesday, June 25th 2019

MAD CATZ Announces Limited Edition R.A.T. 8+ 1000 Optical Gaming Mouse

Mad Catz Global Limited, leading gaming hardware innovators for 30 years, announced today the limited edition R.A.T.8+ 1000 Optical Gaming Mouse, in celebration of the Company's 30th birthday. Proudly serving the gaming community for 30 years, Mad Catz has stood the test of time, embedded in the lives of players looking for quality, value and innovation in gaming hardware.

Marking the anniversary in a way that only Mad Catz can, the Company will be launching a commemorative R.A.T.8+ 1000 Optical Gaming Mouse, strictly limited to just 1000 units worldwide. The cutting-edge R.A.T.8+ is already a favorite amongst gamers looking for the winning edge, and this limited edition version comes complete with stunning, premium collector's packaging, designed to store the mouse and a host of accessories, displaying the R.A.T. in style when not in use.
The stunning matte black and brushed chrome design with gold color detailing is sure to turn the heads of all who play, and this unique color scheme will only be available on the 1000 units produced.

Featuring a state-of-the-art Pixart PMW 3389 Optical Sensor, the R.A.T.8+ 1000 is remarkably accurate, remaining responsive and free of tracking errors at all times. The sensor only tells part of the story however, the R.A.T.8+ 1000 has been expertly engineered with a super lightweight chassis ensuring the sensor position is perfectly balanced on your gaming surface, while providing a rigid foundation for the remaining components.

The R.A.T.8+ 1000 features industry-leading OMRON micro-switches, tested to at least 50-million clicks for total reliability in even the most strenuous of competitive gaming situations. Mad Catz gaming mice are renowned amongst gamers for their high level of customization and the R.A.T.8+ 1000 continues this proud tradition, shipping with replaceable palm rests and pinkie rests, all of which can be adjusted to fit any gamer's ideal style of play.

Chameleon RGB lighting, bathes three independent zones of the R.A.T.8+ 1000 with a choice of 16.8 million colors, illuminating the mouse and allowing for easy adjustment in darkened gaming environments. On-board memory allows players to save up to four individual gaming profiles on the mouse, ideal for tournament play.
"It's hard to believe that it's been 30 years since Mad Catz first arrived on the gaming scene, and the evolution of digital entertainment has been staggering to behold. Mad Catz shares the same values of innovation, value and quality as we did all those years ago and we can't wait to share our future plans with the community in the year ahead," said Joane Huang, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing for Mad Catz Global Limited. "The R.A.T. mouse has been a jewel in our range for some time now and we believe the limited-edition R.A.T.8+ 1000 is the ideal way to celebrate such a milestone."
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11 Comments on MAD CATZ Announces Limited Edition R.A.T. 8+ 1000 Optical Gaming Mouse

Still love my rat pro x's excellent mouse It's about time they're back.
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Hm, thats very G9x shaped. Wonder if that side thing comes without stupid thumb rest too.
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That's one ugly motherfmouse.
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Nice good mouse ! I hew rate 7 non RGB old one , and it is good for the human hand made . This model will definitely not be seen in stores where i live and the price will be high, probably intended as a gift to partners . It can be set for each grip .
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...still gotta soft spot for the rat....might indulge myself......as long as it doesn't cost a kidney....
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If the forward and back buttons are still made from plastic, they haven't learn yet how to make durable parts.
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My R.A.T.7 still works, it just shocks me every now and then. I had bought a RAT8 to replace it, but it broke within a year, right as Mad Catz closed down, so no warranty support (WTF!)

I'm using a G502 now.
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OctopussThat's one ugly motherfmouse.
Ugly ones usually treat you better than nice looking ones with no substance.
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LoL didn't this company die few years ago??
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goodeedididLoL didn't this company die few years ago??
It got bought out a while back.
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