Sunday, February 18th 2007

OEMs slow to ship Express Vista

As is well known, many OEM companies, such as Dell and HP have guarenteed customers who purchased a computer after a certain(in most cases after October 26, 2006) an upgrade version of Vista. Intrestingly two weeks and some odd days later few customers have actually recieved versions of express Vista upgrade. Dell Claims server issues were a primary cause for delay. Dell also stated that upgrade edition of Vista won't ship before the end of this month, and further stated shipping could take 6-8 weeks. HP is not doing much better in regards to the Express Vista promise, customers entitled to this upgrade were notified by an e-mail from hp saying they can expect to recieve their Express Vista upgrade sometime in April.Source: ars technica
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Bird of Prey
That is messed up. I mean, I almost bought a laptop from them (HP) because they said it fits the reqs for a vista express upgrade. good thing I held up.
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Yeah that's pretty poor support on their part. Glad I don't own either...
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Unfortunately I am one of those sad bastards who went for a dell vista unexpress upgrade and now I gotta wait this thing out. I gotta say I'm very unimpressed with the way Dell has been handling this. Have you guys heard about all the complaints people are giving regarding Dell's customer service? One Dell help and support person even told a guy that his Intel Duo machine didnt' qualify for the upgrade because his "677Mhz" processor didn't qualify for the upgrade. That was the speed of the guy's RAM and when the help and support guy said that, he hung up on him.
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