Tuesday, February 20th 2007

Huge high end CPU-Cooler roundup - 'Battle of the Heatpipes'

First things first: It's a german article I want to point out.
But don't let the unpronounceable cluster of letters fool or even hesitate you. You are looking for a comprehensive comparison of some of the best air cpu coolers like the Scythe Infinity, Thermalright Ultra 120, Zalman CNPS 9700, just to name a few? Then head on, it's only a simple click away.

You are still puzzled and prefer an english translation? Here you go! But I have to warn you, the translation is somewhat messed up... Source: HardTecs4U
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While this is interesting, it is NOT news... it is a review, and would be posted in our dedicated section at the top of each day's newsposts...
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In my opinion if I stumble across a very comprehensive article, written in such a detail like this one, it's worth more than only to be noted in the review section. It does not violate the news posting guidelines and it's of a much greater value than a simple press release of let's say Scythe or Swiftech that there is a new product in their lineup. Don't worry, I won't mention the XYZ cooler review written by Nick Noname from around the block.
If you guys insist on me to stop it I will, but I think it's best for our readers to highlight such good reads.
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Btw, the Titan Amanda lost, because they said it's loud and expensive. I own one and it's just as silent as my Scythe Ninja Plus before. And they only measured ONE of the two fans of the Amanda and then calculated how loud two of them would be, which I find wierd. Anyway, it still shows that all the doubts about the Titan Amandas cooling power are wrong (best cooling results), which I knew all along, owning one :)
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They clearly stated WHY they didn't measure it with the Amanda. Read it again.
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I am German, so I did understand the article perfectly well. I still find it weird to calculate the noise and then use that result to judge the cooler. It's a totally different method than with all the other coolers and as such not comparable at all.
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Bird of Prey
FX62 stock cooler is nice, but it doesnt really cool all that well. Apack is nice too, though I never heard of them. I agree this is news detailing reviews, but still news none the less. Thanks Bast.
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I had an easier time figuring out the German I think then the translation hehe.

I think it was news worthy, it had some good stuff involved in it.
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I can only get the first page to translate.What coolers won?
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The drop down menu doesn't work properly. In order to see the results-page either click yourself through the whole article-translation page by page ('further'-button at the bottom) or hit these two pages right here.
Both the Scythes and the Zalman are the top three.
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