Wednesday, February 21st 2007

SanDisk cuts 10% of workforce in response to falling product prices

When a company is faced with a lack of demand for their products, they have to bring prices down. And in order to stay in business and out of debt, a company also sometimes has to "cut operating expenses". Unfortunately, this usually means a cut in the workforce, which is exactly how SanDisk is handling the currently dropping prices of memory sticks. 10% of the main workforce, which translates to 250 people, can expect to get the pink slip around March. Salaries of everyone who is working at Sandisk will drop around 10 or 20 percent. Source: Reg Hardware
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First I heard about Hershey last week, now this... man!


* I was told in collegiate academia, in economics (Micro/Macro) that the EASIEST THING TO CONTROL FOR COSTS?


(Funny how it never happens to the board of directors, or upper mgt. though!)

* Heck - they'll probably give themselves a FAT raise!

(This is not a joke, I have seen that happen in county gov't. before around here... they laid off 100's of workers, & the mgt. gave themselves a BIG raise after!)


P.S.=> Yes, I tend to go more "proletariat/working class" attitude, & the funny part is, my brother is the EXACT opposite... he always tells me "A company can choose to LIVE, or DIE"... & I just tell him "Yea, ok... they will just die, slower" because imo, in the LONG HAUL?

When you cut off the GOOD paying jobs for the working class? You're shooting yourself in the foot in the end/long run... after all, they're the ones BUYING YOUR PRODUCT!!! How can they do THAT, if you cut off their 'disposable income' (fun money above necessities in other words)?

Nope... imo, both sides have a point, but in the end? It's a deathspiral for everyone... sux! apk
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Bird of Prey
Its bound to happen, but with lower prices, you should be selling more.

now on to a more important topic, what about Hershey's APK? I didnt read anything on that, pm me or reply please?
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what do sandisk expect when they team up with sony to make the least popular memory product on the market amongst other things.
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