Tuesday, October 1st 2019

NVIDIA Releases GeForce 436.48 Game Ready Drivers

NVIDIA today released its latest GeForce software suite. Version 436.48 WHQL of these drivers come game-ready for the week's biggest AAA game release, Tom Clancy's "Ghost Recon: Breakpoint," and "Asgard's Wrath." The drivers also add support for the HTC VIVE Cosmos VR headset. Among the fixes with this release are an application crash with Tom Clancy's "The Division 2" in DirectX 12 mode, an error when trying to invoke GeForce Experience Freestyle or Ansel via hotkeys in games that use the Vulkan API, game crashes with "UBOAT," missing objects in "Tradesmen OS3DE," and a ghosting effect observed in Maxon Cinema 4D in with certain brushes. Grab the driver from the link below.

The change-log follows.

Game Ready
Provides increased performance and the optimal gaming experience for Tom Clancyʹs Ghost Recon Breakpoint and Asgardʹs Wrath.

Gaming Technology
Adds support for the HTC VIVE Cosmos VR HMD.

Fixed Issues in this Release
  • [UBOAT]: The game crashes due to memory allocation issues when launching Sandbox mode from the main menu. [2694301]
  • [Tom Clancyʹs The Division II]: The game may crash when played in DirectX 12 mode. [200406322]
  • [Vulkan-based games]: Error message appears in the game when invoking GeForce Experience Freestyle or Ansel using the hot keys. [200549987]
  • [Tradesmen OS3DE]: Some objects are missing in the game. [2691363]
  • [Cinema4D]: Brushes produce a ghosting effect. [2633267]
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6 Comments on NVIDIA Releases GeForce 436.48 Game Ready Drivers

Dainty Moderator
weird. You would think they would push a new studio driver if they found something that broke C4D.
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Not a Potato
Does this fix the Chrome hardware acceleration bug where it displays either a black Chrome window or artifacts on window elements?

The last Studio driver didn't have this problem, but the latest Game drivers before this one did.
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Ferrum Master
Could not install these without DDU. Driver install failed.

After clean up it went fine.
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Still no performance optimization when using freestyle sharpen? What a shame, great feature, but I won’t trade any sharpening with 5-10 fps loss.
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Sofar no issues here and installation went fine, I always use "Perform a clean installation".
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Last two previous Drivers would take around half an hour installing if i had any GeForce drivers previously installed. If it was a clean install with DDU then Driver would install in less than 5 minutes. Kinda weird.
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