Friday, October 18th 2019

URCDKeys Lets You Stretch Your Gaming PC Hardware Budget with Discounted Software

URCDKeys is your go-to online store for genuine, globally-valid licenses to popular software your gaming PC can't do without. With simmering PC hardware prices, it makes sense to save money on the one component whose quality won't change with price - your Windows license. URCDKeys is selling genuine, globally-valid Windows 10 Pro licenses for just USD $11.46, exclusively to TechPowerUp readers. Office 2016 Profesional Plus is another piece of software your home desktop is incomplete without. Those assignments aren't going to make themselves! URCDKeys helps you save big by letting you have a genuine, lifetime-valid license to Office 2016 Professional Plus for just $29.51, which is fraction of what you'd pay for an annually-recurring Office 365 license. Do take a moment to check out all the cool Microsoft products, security software, games, and in-game items you can buy from URCDKeys to save even more!

Don't forget to apply the TechPowerUp-exclusive coupon TP20 at checkout to shave 20% off and avail the prices you see here.

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