Friday, February 23rd 2007

New Blu-ray laser can result in write speeds of up to 10x

Blu-ray disks are currently limited to a slow 2x write speed, as are the burners. Fortunately, Nichia Corporation looks to change that.
Nichia's new laser diode is able to emit pulsed light at 320mW, while it offers a stable operation of 1,000 hours, according to the company. The diode could be used for optical discs including Blu-ray and HD DVD, allowing 10X speed recording with a double-layer disc and 2X speed recording with a four-layer disc.
Nichia hopes to make these available by mid 2008. Of course, Blu-ray disks have to be made that can actually support this gigantic boost in burn speeds.Source: Nordic Hardware
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8 Comments on New Blu-ray laser can result in write speeds of up to 10x

Sweet now if we could just get those nasty prices to come down!
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Nice, if I could buy a bluray drive for under 100$ that would be nice, same for HD-DVD drive.
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Bird of Prey
Agreed. Lower prices and this is a sweet deal. However, 1000 hrs of operation seems paltry. How about years of operation instead :)
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Completely Bonkers
That's 1000hrs WRITE stability... not read. Read is pretty much unlimited. Problem is that 320mw is a HUGE output power... needed for burning at this speed... and the thing basically fries itself.
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Yeah, aren't DVD burner diodes around 50mw?
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zekrahminator said:
Yeah, aren't DVD burner diodes around 50mw?
I think it's 60, while CDs are 30. I want to say there was a big hooplah when the first burners for DVDs were coming out, and it was double or some such nonsense. I could be terribly off my mark and thinking of something else though.
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bit of a weird question, is the 2x speed of bluray the same as 2x speed of dvd-rw? because before i got a dvd-rw and had my old teac cd-rw 16x. Writing a cd-r @ 16x would take probably more time as writing a near full dvd-r @ 16x ? so is it in comparison or do i just remember cd-r's taking longer when infact its the same speed.
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