Monday, October 28th 2019

Streacom Outs the UM2 Universal CPU Mount for its Fanless Heatsink Cases

Fanless mini-PC case maker Streacom introduced the UM2 Universal CPU Mount accessory, which lets you use the company's FC5, FC8, FC9 and FC10 cases with some of the newer CPU socket types. Streacom specializes in cases in which the body panels double up as a passive heatsink to cool the CPU, with a base and heatsinks transferring heat to the panels. The UM2 Universal CPU Mount uses oval shaped metal arms that you can orient across square (LGA115x), rectangular (AM4), or even trapezoid socket mount hole patterns, future-proofing these cases. The UM2 replaces the stock upper-mount your case comes with, hence its name. Streacom hasn't revealed pricing or availability.
Source: FanlessTech
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6 Comments on Streacom Outs the UM2 Universal CPU Mount for its Fanless Heatsink Cases

ZoneDymo innovative...
Also doesnt look very sturdy tbh
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I always loved the idea of fanless until I tried it. All it did was make me realise that no environment I use my PCs in is quiet enough to justify the hassle and cost of a fanless build. The noise of wind in the trees outside, a fridge/boiler/dishwasher running in other rooms of the house, traffic noise from a road 200m away; The list goes on....

A handful of 600rpm fans are practically inaudible, even in close proximity to your ears - yet provide huge amounts of cooling using standard parts.

As far as I can tell, the only real reason to go fanless is industrial situations where no moving parts is a requirement - volatile/explosive atmospheres, for example - or if you need a PC to do work in a recording studio or anechoic chamber. All of these fall far outside the scope of "consumer" products.
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ZoneDymo innovative...
Also doesnt look very sturdy tbh
You do realize that block ends up mounted inside their fanless cases.

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I assume that is nickel plated copper and steel?
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Having built into one of their cases, they are very well tooled and do an adequate job providing cooling for processors, however anything else in such a case generating heat would in my opinion decrease the cooling performance, so no fancy GPU's inside (once you get them to fit)
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Sure, that is nice and all with a universal mount. But the maunt that came with my FC8 did work on the AM4 socket for the R5 2400G.

And for my personally, having a media PC that is actually silent is important, sure, place it in the same room as a refrigerator or something similar and it’s a waste, but its realy nice if you actually care about the noise a computer makes.
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