Tuesday, October 29th 2019

Sharkoon Announces the TG6 RGB Mid-tower Chassis

Sharkoon Technologies is an international supplier of PC components and peripherals, offering performance at a reasonable price. Sharkoon introduces a new midi ATX tower, the TG6 RGB. This PC case combines the chic look of glass with a spacious interior, where a water-cooling system will find enough room. In addition, the installed components are put perfectly into the scene by the four pre-installed 120 millimeter fans with their multi-layered RGB illumination.

The four pre-installed 120 millimeter addressable RGB fans provide the necessary airflow. Three of them are in the front of the case and one in the back. Thanks to the new, modular frame design, no screws are visible on the fans. The rubberized contact points and the aerodynamic fan blades provide quiet running and a high rate of airflow. Optionally, three additional 120 millimeter or two 140 millimeter fans can be installed under the top panel. In order to protect the fans and hardware from dust and dirt, the top, bottom and front panels all have removable filters, the top panel filter being attached magnetically.
Radiator Installation Made Easy
With a mounting height of up to 5.2 centimeters, the front of the case provides enough space for the installation of a radiator. The installation of heat exchangers or fans is both innovative and easy thanks to a completely detachable fan tray. With this, a 360 millimeter radiator can be mounted quickly and easily, making the TG6 RGB more than ideal for the installation of water cooling.

Multi-Layered RGB Illumination
Spectacular RGB lighting is provided by the four pre-installed 120 millimeter fans with multi-layered illumination. These are equipped with encircling addressable LEDs on three levels, producing multi-layered effects. In addition, the case comes with a pre-installed RGB controller for up to eight LED components. This enables color and effect control of the four fans and, if desired, four additional LED components via the synchronization software of compatible mainboards. The mainboards should have connections with 5V-D-coded-G or 5V-D-G pinouts. But also, even if the mainboard has no connection for addressable LEDs, numerous lighting effects can be still be selected. For this purpose, a dedicated button is available on the top of the case.

Tempered Glass for the Best View
Not only the side panel, but also the front of the TG6 RGB is made of tempered glass, providing an unhindered view of the installed hardware. Only the power supply, cabling and data storage drives remain hidden in the tunnel or behind the mainboard tray, contributing to a tidy hardware installation. The HDD/SSD cage in the tunnel can also be flexibly positioned thanks to the extra-long slots in the bottom panel to create, for example, more space for a front radiator. For a neat and secure hold, the side panel is attached with thumbscrews to the back of the case. Thus, no screws are visible on the glass itself.

Plenty of Room for Components
The TG6 RGB offers enough space for components such as graphics cards with a length of up to 40 centimeters, a CPU cooler with a height of up to 16.7 centimeters, and power supplies with a maximum length of up to 20.5 centimeters. In addition, up to three 3.5" or four 2.5" drives will find room in the PC case.

For more information, visit the product page.
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9 Comments on Sharkoon Announces the TG6 RGB Mid-tower Chassis

TPU addict
Meh same sh*t, all hope is lost once again.
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A 100mm fan in a 120mm case would be the correct description and they certainly can't handle 1500rpm so they are for decoration and noise . And all that is good here is rafting down the drain . Since the housing itself is not bad .The difference in price with these fans will spoil sales prospects ..
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Same old, same old...

To case manufacturers; Stop it! And get some new ideas!
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no C no excuse no buy.....

Plus the s.o.s.s. factor = 1 big dumpity dump dump IMHO
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So this is pretty much TG5 with ARGB fans minus the 2.5" drive caddies.
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bonehead123no C no excuse no buy.....

Plus the s.o.s.s. factor = 1 big dumpity dump dump IMHO
I think I read you say this before but as I go through the websites with various PC cases, I can only find maybe a handful of cases with USB-C and they are usually very overpriced.
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that Sharkoon logo on the front = no way in hell

didnt these guys make vacuums?
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tin can case now with RGB effect
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sepheronxI think I read you say this before but as I go through the websites with various PC cases, I can only find maybe a handful of cases with USB-C and they are usually very overpriced.
Yes you are correct, as I have and will continue to maintain this position, that we are at nearly the end of 2019, and case mfgr's are STILL dragging their butts on replacing antiquated 1990-ish A/B ports with C ports.

This is the ONLY way that mfgr's of peripherals will be wake up to the fact that they need retool their products with them ASAP, which will in turn spurn wider adoption and reduce the costs of implementing it on future products, as well as eliminating the USB cable quagmire-clustercrap that currently exists (A, B, mini, micro, etc etc) which will in turn make everyone's life so much simpler..... similar to what is already happening with cell phones & their chargers/data cables....

It will be such a win-win-win situation IMHO :)
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