Friday, February 23rd 2007

More MP3 Disputes

With Microsoft receiving a hefty $1.5 billion fine the other day, MP3 patents are once again in the spotlight as a company in Texas is now trying to sue… well every company that makes MP3 players really. At the moment, Apple, SanDisk and Samsung are the three major names involved, but this case has the potential to draw more companies in – although it may seem quite ambitious as things stand. The company behind the lawsuits is known as Texas MP3 Technologies Ltd. which holds a patent which it claims covers the production an “MPEG portable sound reproducing system.” The patent was issued in June, and now the company hopes to make money out of the MP3 player industry, which was worth approximately $6.1 billion last year.Source:
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This is ridiculous and the reason why bloody lawsuits begin anyway, why, for the love of god, was this company allowed to file a patent in June of last year for a design that has been out years. This can then bring a no-name company into the spot light. Oh hold on, i feel that i should patent the LED lights used on the power buttons of the xbox360, nintendo wii and the ps3, then i could sue the lot of them. Pissing ridiculous, whoever passes anything this stupid should be shot and given a :nutkick:
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Honestly the courts should acquit these cases. If these no name companies are allowed to pull these kinds of lawsuits, no one would want to make any new and exciting products in fear of a lawsuit.

If I were the judge, this Texas company wouldn't win a dime.
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Bird of Prey
Kind of stupid really.
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If I were the judge I would fine the Texas company for wasting my freakin time.
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How about a patent for techpowerup for a "place where people can write news and oppinios, by the help of the internet" "you mean a forum?" "no a text pased informative page".

sound reproducing system... it's a frikkin player! xD I feel like filing a patent for a place where people register their ideas of "new" inventions. The ultimate money source :P
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LOL.... this is like a server rollback!!!!LOLOLOLOLOLOL.... everyone gets rolled back 1.5mil
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Man this is getting really stupid
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This is getting more than ridiculous and it wouldn't surprise me if company stop releasing products in the US due to hidden and silly patents costing them each and every time.
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There should be a law that prevents these kinds of cases from being filed 5 years after the product.

All these blanket "sue everybody for hundreds of millions of dollars" lawsuits are ridiculous, and they shouldn't be rewarded for being lazy and greedy and waiting forever to do so.
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KAAAAA-COUNTERSUE! If apple does 1 thing right, its kick ass in court.
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