Monday, February 3rd 2020

Bitspower Launches New Range of Ultra Secure Multi-link Fittings

Bitspower, one of the world's leading suppliers of water-cooling equipment for performance computers, has launched its new Advanced Multi-Link series of fittings, featuring a new locking mechanism which makes for a highly secure fit, while also allowing for simpler assembly with hard tubes. The new fittings are made from high quality brass and come in a range of finishes including Shining Silver, Deluxe White, Black Matte, and Black Sparkle, and come in sizes suitable for 12 mm, 14 mm, and 16 mm hard tubing.

The newly designed three-part locking mechanism on the fittings makes them easier to use with hard tubing. Where typically fittings require some level of force to maneuver them over hard tubing, the new design on the Advanced Multi-Link range is slightly looser when not assembled, allowing the three components of the fitting to slide over the tubing with ease. However, once assembled and tightened, the mechanism locks into place tightly around the tubing, ensuring your loop is ultra-secure.
For more information or to purchase products from the Advanced Multi-Link series, please visit this page.
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