Wednesday, February 28th 2007

Outback Online - if Second Life is not enough

You don't like fantasy role playing games like World Of Warcraft and the graphical impression Second Life (say hello to 1992 vector graphics) gives is not to your taste? Then maybe you should get a picture of Outback Online which is not possible at the very moment because of missing screenshots or even a playable version. But the fuss it's creators at low down at Australia are generating at the written and online press is immense.
"We believe what Second Life did was great, but it's time for 'virtual worlds 2.0' . . . unlimited, open, scalable worlds."
The Age

Anyway, if you like to you can sign up for a beta account over here.Source: Outback Online
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4 Comments on Outback Online - if Second Life is not enough

I like my first life personally. :P

Edit*: it is interesting though. Thanks for the heads up.
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Bird of Prey
I dont get it either.
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Another virtual life game, oh how poohtastic! Count me out.
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