Sunday, April 26th 2020

GIGABYTE Launches New Gaming Series Monitors

GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd, a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, is thrilled to launch a new gaming monitor series - GIGABYTE gaming series to the monitor family. With the successful showcase at CES this year, gamers and media have long inquired about when these new monitors would arrive on the market. GIGABYTE gaming series inherited the premium gaming brand AORUS' spirit, aiming to offer fantastic gaming features and remarkable hardware specifications. A series of GIGABYTE gaming series monitors built with phenomenal panel specification and high quality for versatile selection of both curved and flat displays, and various screen sizes tailoring to gamers' needs.

GIGABYTE values the product's core benefit for both external and internal equally. The appearance of GIGABYTE gaming series represents the simplicity of the design philosophy, sturdy stand, and matte finish built for functional and aesthetic features adding more to the characteristics. What's inside contains massive, GIGABYTE gaming series inherited from AORUS' spirit, offering tactical gaming features such as the Black Equalizer, Aim Stabilizer, and GameAssist, allowing gamers to embrace the classic tactical gaming features GIGABYTE exclusive presents. Moreover, by using the OSD Sidekick software, it gives users the easiest and most efficient way to tweak monitor settings. The new GIGABYTE Auto-Update function will transform users' behavior as now they can effortlessly enjoy the finest gaming experience which GIGABYTE continues to develop and upgrade, while giving extra protection to the monitors.
Flat Display - G27F and G27Q
GIGABYTE G27F and G27Q are both 27-inch IPS monitors for detailed color performance and features FHD (1920 x 1080) and QHD (2560 x 1440) resolution respectively. Perfect for gaming, home office use, and entertainment. As the nature of IPS panel, they are both excellent in color accuracy and have been certified by AMD FreeSync Premium for uncompromised fluid gaming experiences with a maximum refresh rate up to 165Hz and 1 ms (MPRT) response time. They can also enable G-sync compatible for a tear-free gameplay feel. Both are equipped with quality stereos for a clear sound experience and G27Q is VESA Display HDR certified for HDR function guarantee and splendid display quality.

Curve Display - G27FC, G27QC and G32QC
All GIGABYTE curved gaming monitors present a native 1500R curvature for better immersive gaming feel and offer screen sizes from 27-inch to 32-inch for a wide range of selection and high refresh rate of 165Hz and 1ms (MPRT) response time. It is ideal for race games and multiple task tackling. G32QC is GIGABYTE's first attempt to enter a bigger screen market, and it features QHD resolution and VESA Display HDR certified for vivid display quality and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro for HDR game support and low framerate compensation guarantee. G27FC and G27QC features with FHD and QHD resolution respectively and are both certified by AMD FreeSync Premium for tear free and low latency promise. G-sync compatible can also function well on these three monitors for a smoother gaming experience. They are both equipped with stereos for vibrant and brighter sounding effect while G27QC supports HDR content.

These first five gaming monitors will be released to the market Q2, 2020; meanwhile, GIGABYTE will continue to offer monitors with exceptional performance, design and innovative functions in the future.
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I shouldn't be surprised, or annoyed, but why is it that Taiwanese companies can't hire an editor that is half decent at writing English?
This press is pure gibberish.
My favourite sentence is this one, which makes little to no sense at all. The one for the other two models makes almost as little sense. It's not even related subjects to start with. I guess they hired someone new that doesn't understand the products, but apparently knew enough English, so they got tasked with the job of writing the press release...
They are both equipped with stereos for vibrant and brighter sounding effect while G27QC supports HDR content.
C'mon, it's 2020, not 1989...
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Because there was definitely a shortage of 27" 1080p and 1440p monitors on the market
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cellar door
"With the successful showcase at CES this year " - what?
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Show me more 1440p at 24/25 inches please. Much more comfortable to use and the ppi increase is really noticable.
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pat-ronerShow me more 1440p at 24/25 inches please. Much more comfortable to use and the ppi increase is really noticable.
2k on 24 inch looks like a 4k on 32 inch, icons are so small that you have to use windows scalability 125-150% which neglects the usage of high resolution on the display...
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Not really, there is a noticable difference in PPI on the different levels.
I'm using a 25" Dell and a 27" Asus both on "2k", and There is no real noticable difference for me with normal "20/20" vision other than things are less pixelated.

2k@27=108ppi - 100%
2k@25=117ppi - 108%
2k@24=122ppi - 113%
4k@42=137ppi - 127%
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