Monday, March 5th 2007

Kingston releases new USB drives

Famous memory manufacturer Kingston has released new ultra-portable USB drives. Under the name DataTraveler Mini, the company has made some of the smallest USB sticks on the market, while at the same time it boasts licensed technology from Migo Software.

The sticks are available in 512MB, 1GB and 2GB capacities. The Migo software allows users to efficiently transfer data between computers, thereby allowing them to have all the required data always with them. Kingston has also bundled some games, specifically The Atlantis and Magic Vines.

The two gig stick retails for £14.40 (~$30), while the 1GB stick will set you back £7.20 (~$15). The 512MB version costs £5.75 ($12).
Source: The Inq
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To infinity ... and beyond!
dang that thing looks like it about the size of a quarter! i would loose it for sure!
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Semi-Retired Folder
$12 for a 512MB stick, man times have changed. I remember when a 512MB USB drive cost $80...We also walked to school up hill, both ways, IN THE SNOW!!! Get off my lawn!
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you can get 1gb sticks for 15 bucks...
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ktr said:
you can get 1gb sticks for 15 bucks...
send me one :P
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Bird of Prey
Aww, these things are soooo cute.
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Nice looking, good prices and stuff too. I would lose something that small though. I like the one I have now better.
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