Wednesday, May 20th 2020

ID-Cooling Rolls Out ZF-12025 in Four New Pastel Colors

ID-Cooling unveiled four new color options for its ZF-12025 120 mm case fan with white lighting. The four new pastel color options are "Baby Blue," "Lemon Yellow," "Mint Green," and "Piglet Pink." The color scheme extends to the fan's frame and the impeller, while the vibration-dampening rubber inserts and the a ring along the bore of the frame remain in contrasting white, with a single-color white LED inside that draws power from the main 4-pin connector.

Recommended for both case ventilation and liquid-cooling applications, the ZF-12025 takes in 4-pin PWM for its main function. It spins between 900 to 2,000 RPM, pushing up to 55.2 CFM of air, with 2.13 mm H₂O pressure. ID-Cooling will reportedly introduce several of its products, including radiators, AIO CLCs, and heatsinks in these four new color schemes, matching the the ZF-12025. The fans are expected to be priced at USD $12.99 a piece, with U.S. availability expected around late-June.

Update May 21st: ID-Cooling clarified to us that the pastel color variants of the ZF-12025 lack ARGB lighting, and in place of the ARGB diffuser is a solid white color ring with a white LED. The company also revealed pricing and availability information.
Source: Cowcotland
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12 Comments on ID-Cooling Rolls Out ZF-12025 in Four New Pastel Colors

Wow, such innovation, Although I like color choices. It is rather frustating that these are renders.
Looks like someone went into 3dsmax or keyshot and just slapped a pastel color with no reflection onto all the parts.
My guess is, these will look awful as an actual physical product.
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So as they are running out of ways to differentiate their product, they are slowly moving into cute/ kawaii colors. :oops:
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I think thats totally legit! Didn't ID-Cooling also make a pink AIO-Cooler?
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hopefully they turn out ok , it's always nice to have more choice and it is something different
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While having additional options is always a good thing, if you’ve been around for any length of time you’ll know pastels do not age well.
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Oh sweet Satan !!!!!! Dude those are disgusting !!!
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I'm sure my 4 year old daughter would love them :love:

These have to be for a very very niche market so I expect they won't be mass produced on a large scale and instead will likely be limited to certain countries and regions in small batches, definitely not my cup of tea :ohwell:
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This is legit awesome for those that build for aesthetics. Opens up the choices for many. In a way we're going back 5+ years in regards to picking colored parts instead of choosing coloring by lights. I think girls especially will get these, a good thing. There's been a lot more pink and purple choices, even cute style GPU. I think more is better because it allows everyone to enjoy their computers how ever they want.
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+1 for the dull colours.
Are they meant to match duplo legos ?
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Dust bunnies love pastel colors, it just means more meticulous cleaning to keep them pretty under glass... less gaming.
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Elvis Liu
ID Cooling Rep

Check it out right away!
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