Wednesday, June 3rd 2020

Former General Manager of GlobalFoundries China joins SMIC

SMIC is currently a leading Chinese semiconductor manufacturing plant with some of the major nodes being manufactured at its facilities. Currently, SMIC is in charge of manufacturing 14 nm and 7 nm nodes. While the 7 nm node is going live in Q4 of this year, it is certain that China will have competitive domestic semiconductor manufacturing facilities. And to get better sales of the new FinFET designs, SMIC has decided to hire former General Manager of GlobalFoundries China, Mr. Bai Nong, according to Wenxin Voice. Serving at a co-CEO with Dr. Liang Mong Song, Bai Long is in-charge to boost sales of SMIC's FinFET designs by bringing in more customers. This is without a doubt a good decision, as a person that was a general manager for Glo-Fo China certainly has plenty of connections and customers that will follow him.
Sources: Wemp, via @chiakokhua (Twitter)
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