Wednesday, March 7th 2007

Xbox Live Hits 6 Million Users

Microsoft has announced that there are now 6 million people subscribed to its Xbox Live service. This milestone has arrived four months ahead of schedule, with Microsoft originally aiming to hit 6 million by June this year. Since its launch in 2002, Xbox Live has now notched up a respectable 2.3 billion hours worth of network play between gamers - the equivalent of 260,000 years - with Halo 2 accounting for 710 million of those. More than 70% of Xbox Live users are actively using the market place to download new content, as Microsoft strives to encourage more people online. Xbox Live remains the most successful online service for a console, and represents the changing attitude of gamers as they become more and more accustomed to online gameplay. One interesting thing to note is that Microsoft does not give figures for the number of Gold and Silver members separately - the Silver membership is free but noticeably scaled down, without online gameplay. Source: GameZone
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Kudoo's to M$, they at least got something right!
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Last I heard from Gates' keynote is there are over 4 million Xboxlive GOLD accounts. Having a silver account is like not having an account at all.

4,000,000 x $50 a year, why thats....... OMG
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4mil Gold members is good, a silver account is still an account. They had Gold for a month if nothing else. I would congrat them, Live has only gotten better.

I can only see it getting even better with Playstation Home coming out before the end of the year.
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well hats off to M$.
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Bird of Prey
Im just a basic member, but the community is awesome. Anyone know what PS3 online thing is like? Im getting one here in a week or so for my new 32" LCD HD TV:!
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Ever play Second Life? It's like that but simpler, and uhh I think it looks better then Second Life as well. Imagine going through the 360 a person.

It sounds really cool, I've always wanted the internet to be like that. Like a big virtual Mall/Park/warehouse
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So the ps3 online is going to be like the internet in Futurama! Awesome...
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Wohoo, Halo 2 ftw! :D

I really, really like Xbox Live Marketplace. Geometry Wars, Hexic 3D and others are just so damn worth it. So are 720p DoA boobies~
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Wow, that's a lot of money! With that kind of cash rolling in from subscribers XBOX Live should be expected to be better than their competition...
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