Wednesday, June 17th 2020

Corsair iCUE LT100 Lighting Towers + Headset Stand Add Ambient Lighting to Your Desk

Corsair is readying the iCUE LT100 Lighting Towers, accessories that add ARGB bling to your desktop. These devices are also capable of projecting ambient lighting on surroundings behind your monitor. These devices first came to light on the company's product page for the Corsair ONE a100 gaming desktop. A little digging across e-tailers for the latest Corsair products revealed an Amazon advance listing for these devices, called the iCUE LT100 Lighting Towers. The listing does not mention pricing or detailed specs, but lists out key features of the device. Its design involves a cuboidal base that has its own ARGB diffuser from which a 400+ mm stock emerges perpendicularly, which has its own row of 46 ARGB LEDs. An external power adapter keeps it powered. It probably takes input via USB. Behind the ARGB diffuser is what looks like a headset stand.
The list of features from the Amazon listing follows.

  • Immersive Ambient Lighting: Extend your PC's RGB lighting, illuminating your environment with diffused colors and intricate lighting effects to create an immersive backdrop of ambient lighting.
  • Integrate with Games and Media: Synchronize your ambient lighting to dynamically match the on-screen action in games, movies, and videos, or turn your room into a living visualizer for your music.
  • Everything You Need to Shine: Includes two connected 422 mm-tall towers with 46 customizable LEDs each, an external power supply, a 1.5 m extension cable, and a removable headset holder.
  • 11 Preset Lighting Profiles: Illuminate your space immediately at the push of a button with 11 profiles available out of the box.
  • Part of the iCUE Smart Lighting Ecosystem: Powered by CORSAIR iCUE software, enabling fully customized and synchronized RGB lighting across all iCUE-compatible CORSAIR devices in your system and all external iCUE Smart Lighting devices.
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Yes, no.
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only way i'd even consider these, is if they worked as an optional charger and base station for the corsair headsets, like how logitechs powerplay mat works
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What in the ever loving fuck is supposed to be the point of this?. My desk does not need "ambient" lighting -- that's what desk lamps are for, and I already have one of those! :wtf:
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£125 for two sticks and £5 worth of LED's? LOL. I'm in the wrong job here...
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What even is the point of these...
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What in the ever loving fuck is supposed to be the point of this?.
To part a fool from their money

Ps their password protected (and default password is 1D10tf00l )
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They could have at least made an effort and built wireless speakers into them.
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I have some Corsair product, but I'm desperate to find some without that fucking RBG.
I'm epileptic and it doesn't help at all to have a RGB keyboard (K70 MK2 rapid fire - hopefully there's a fast button to disable it) or my Corsair Void Pro Wireless (even if I don't see these ones).

At least my ram it's RGB, nor my MB, Cooler (Noctua :D - never change guys) or GPU.
My case is an old Corsair Obsidian, so no RGB, and my 12 yo power supply is a good old fashion Corsair 620HX fully modular.

I wish there was an information about epilepsy on these product, because it create a great sensibility, mainly for young people that hadn't yet got their first seizure and don't know they are epileptic. It's an ongoing disease that get worth with exposure and number of seizures you made.
Whatever, this comment is going to fall deep into the depth of not-RGB community, where light is off, and no one will ever see it.

Edit : even my freaking Logitech G702 is RGB !!!! I wanted to replace my 10yo Logitech 700, but it cost around 120€. It's an hybrid where you can be wireless or wired, and didn't found others on the market under 70€
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What even is the point of these...
This is not the first I'm pretty sure that Thermaltake had one about 2 years ago but of course with the Corsair tax they charge you about 6 times what they should really cost.
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I have no use for the light stand but the headset one I could use if they sold it separately for a decent price.

If they are going to charge > $60 for the stand alone they can GTFO.
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