Thursday, March 8th 2007

Futuremark Launches YouGamers, World’s First Intelligent Gamer Website

Futuremark Corporation, developers of 3DMark, the worldwide standard in advanced 3D game performance benchmarking went live today with the beta version of YouGamers, the World's First Intelligent Gamer Website. YouGamers ( is a new destination site for PC gamers offering original game content, previews, gaming industry news, exclusive interviews, and full game reviews. YouGamers initially launches with an English website, with localized language options in the future. In Version 1.0, YouGamers will provide a full gamer community with forums and blogs, offering users' homepages, personal profiles, game lists, and game hardware details. The game database contains approximately 100 top PC titles at launch, with ESRB ratings and publishers' system requirements. The website also offers an easy to use, integrated comparison shopping service with direct shopping links for all games and recommended hardware. Users will also be able to categorize the site’s information by tagging, a Web 2.0 feature.Source: Futuremark
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Bird of Prey
Sounds pretty nifty. Coming from Futuremark, I expect this to be one hell of a website. I cant wait till they let us make our own websites with them. Awesome.
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superb site, nice layout. Detailed reviews, this is a must-see for a gamer :D
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It's just too bad they decided to give it the name 'yougamers'. It makes me feel like a 13 year old emo girl on myspace.
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:roll:, your right there.... it does kinda sound awkward but content matters names not.
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Senior Moderator
LOL!!! Thay recommended I buy a Dell!
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erocker said:
LOL!!! Thay recommended I buy a Dell!
Ewww that would be a terrible thing to do !!
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I was kind of skeptical at first, but I would have to say I am really impressed. I just got done reading a review of SupCom, and I must say it is spot on. Can't wait to see how they develop. Already like them more than 1up and IGN.
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"How to enter
To enter the competition, simply complete a free registration at YouGamers here.

To qualify to enter the Competition you must be a citizen of the USA and resident in the USA. Each participant may submit only one (1) entry to the Competition. "

Was hoping when it's Finnish based company that it would atleast be worldwide competition, but no. One registeration lost there :P
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Seems like an interesting site, but I dunno that I could handle another website to visit heh.
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