Wednesday, July 15th 2020

Sharkoon Releases Light² 100 Entry Level Gaming Mouse

Sharkoon Technologies is an international supplier of PC components and peripherals, offering performance at a reasonable price. Sharkoon is expanding further into the field of ultra-light gaming mice and introduces the entry-level Light² 100. With its characteristic lightweight, an ultra-flexible cable and mouse feet made of 100 percent PTFE, this is another model which puts emphasis on smooth and comfortable use. In addition, visual highlights are provided by the RGB illumination, which can be configured via the extensive gaming software.
Optimized, Fatigue-Free Use

With the Light² 100, Sharkoon has put special focus on optimized use and the greatest possible comfort. In addition to a closed upper shell, the gaming mouse has a classic, gradually sloping form designed for right-handed people and which is suitable for either small or large hands as well as all types of grips. Even when it has no upper shell with a honeycomb structure, the Light² 100 only weighs 78 grams. This supports fluid movements and quick flicks from the wrist, while, at the same time, reducing signs of cramping and fatigue of the hand. The mouse feet are made of especially low-friction polytetrafluoroethylene and the textile braided cable provides more flexibility than conventional mouse cables. Thus, the gaming mouse is entirely designed for being moved with the fewest possible barriers.

RGB Illumination with Numerous Effects

Although its handling can stay unobtrusively in the background, the Light² 100 comes visually to the fore thanks to its RGB illumination. This is to be found in the mouse wheel, in the "Light" logo and underneath on the rear of the mouse with its luminous strip. The lighting not only provides visual highlights, but also serves as an indicator when changing the preset DPI levels. For that personal touch, the illumination can be customized with numerous colors and effects using the downloadable gaming software.

Gaming Software for Personal Settings

In addition to the illumination, various other aspects of the Light² 100 can be adjusted and set via the gaming software. Apart from essential functions such as setting the mouse speed and sensitivity, all the buttons can also be individually reassigned, and the DPI levels can be adjusted. The settings are saved, as required, in up to five separate profiles. An extensive macro recording is, of course, also possible.

Price and Availability

The Sharkoon Light² 100 is now available at the manufacturer's suggested retail price of 24.99 euros (~ 29 USD).


Source: Sharkoon
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5 Comments on Sharkoon Releases Light² 100 Entry Level Gaming Mouse

Dainty Moderator
Maybe I missed the DPI or maybe gaming is all about RGB and not specs now.
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I remember people saying they newer had a mouse fail on them but that one time Sharkoons mouse.
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I avoid all Sharkoon products purely because they chose to name their company "Sharkoon". I also avoid products from Raptoroon, Bearoon and Antoon.
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Maybe I missed the DPI or maybe gaming is all about RGB and not specs now.
It's in the specs... pester the newsie to include more relevant information. :)
Max. DPI/CPI: 5,000
Min. DPI/CPI: 200
Sensor: PixArt 3325

Anyhoo, for $30, it doesn't seem bad...
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Never heard of Sharkoon before, but this mouse really doesn't look bad. Another plus for me at least, is that it looks to be on the smaller side, so my freakish woman hands (they're small, but I have freakishly long fingers) do appreciate that!
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