Monday, August 31st 2020

D-Link Introduces EXO AX5400 Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Router

D-Link this week made available its groundbreaking EXO AX5400 Mesh WiFi 6 Router (DIR-X5460) with ultra-fast speeds and efficient performance benefits of WiFi 6 protocol. The AX5400 Router is the latest model in D-Link's trio of best-in-class WiFi 6 routers developed for superior coverage, increased capacity, reduced network congestion, and improved device battery life in device-dense homes. As multi-tasking households seek uninterrupted coverage for smooth media streaming, video chats, and more, the DIR-X5460 has the performance needed for smart connected homes.
"The future of WiFi is here. With the current influx of digital demands as households increasingly work and learn online, many require a new premium router to handle the network strain," said Raman Bridwell, vice president, products and services at D-Link Systems. "Our new DIR-X5460 WiFi 6 Router is poised to overcome frustrating lag and buffer, replacing it with high-grade network efficiencies to meet simultaneous bandwidth-heavy activities like 4K/8K streaming or online classwork."

Dominant WiFi 6 Dual-Band Functionality Complemented By Durable Components

D-Link's AX5400 Router takes advantage of WiFi 6 standards for stellar dual-band performance up to 90% faster at 2.4 GHz band and 176% faster at the 5 GHz than previous generation WiFi. It features up to 4X greater capacity than Wireless-AC for ultra-efficient support of Ultra 4K video streams, FPS online gaming, and large file downloads, and other emerging smart home activities.

Outfitted with prosumer-grade parts, the AX5400 Router is engineered to withstand heavy bandwidth processing. Built-in high powered amplifiers with a 160 MHz channel capacity ensure exceptional data throughput and the fastest theoretical speeds possible. Combined with a six-stream architecture, the DIR-X5460 significantly reduces latency for simultaneous WiFi tasks.

Additional Advanced Capabilities:
  • Built with industry-standard Mesh technology, the DIR-X5460 provides whole-home WiFi coverage and a single network name. Users enjoy seamless connectivity throughout the entire home
  • App-based setup and management via free D-Link WiFi App (Android and iOS)
  • Expand connectivity with dual USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports along with six high-gain antennas
The DIR-X5460 and entry-level DIR-X1560 Mesh WiFi 6 Routers are joined by the EXO AX4800 Mesh WiFi 6 model (DIR-X4860) fulfilling D-Link's promise to deliver future-ready technologies valued by cutting-edge households.

Availability & Pricing
The EXO AX5400 WiFi 6 Router (DIR-X5460) is currently available on Amazon and D-Link Shop for 349.99 USD MSRP. EXO AX4800 WiFi 6 Router (DIR-X4860) arrives on Amazon in September at 309.99 USD MSRP.
Source: D-Link
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4 Comments on D-Link Introduces EXO AX5400 Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Router

Ya ok I'll stick with my Asus 11000 GT router. Every D-link I have ever worked with till this day has been garbage. I call them Death Links for a reason.
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Now that many motherboard and nas is equipped with faster than 1gbps lan ports, it would be nice to see more routers with them. One can still dream, thou?
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Ya ok I'll stick with my Asus 11000 GT router. Every D-link I have ever worked with till this day has been garbage. I call them Death Links for a reason.
Yup DLink is not known for keeping their firmwares up to date and plugging security holes.

And security is very important when your router protects your home network, I wouldn't use any of their routers even if you gave it to me for free.

Asus and specifically Merlin firmware for the win!
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lollol you know that most routers use almost the same hardware and platform? Difference is usually the "brand".
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