Friday, September 11th 2020

Thrustmaster Releases T.Racing Scuderia Ferrari Edition-DTS Gaming Headset

After thrilling gamers with the release of the T.Racing Scuderia Ferrari Edition gaming headset, Thrustmaster has partnered with DTS to offer true-to-life, ultra-immersive sound using DTS Headphone:X spatialization technology. The ultimate goal of this added technology is simple: to continue to improve the playing experience and performance of players who are constantly striving for better times.

Thanks to this collaboration, Xbox and PC players will have access to the DTS Headphone:X app (code included giving access for a period of one year.), with the purchase of the T.Racing Scuderia Ferrari Edition-DTS gaming headset. This app provides a better overall audio level across all frequencies while offering a completely immersive 3D audio experience thanks to DTS' unique encoding that was custom designed for the T.Racing Scuderia Ferrari Edition.
The DTS Headphone:X technology amplifies the game's audio system using the Microsoft spatial sound within Windows in order to recreate the sound environment around the user. This technology is available for computer games through the Microsoft Store and was launched for Xbox systems on July 9, 2020.

"The revelation came when I used the Thrustmaster T.Racing Scuderia Ferrari Headphones with the correct model selected in the app. I'm usually skeptical of sound enhancement tech like this, but when paired with these headphones whatever corrective magic being applied by DTS makes such a difference to the audio quality, I'm pretty impressed."

Sound Engineer, Slightly Mad Studios

The T.Racing Scuderia Ferrari Edition is an elegant and powerful officially licensed gaming headset. It is designed especially for fans of the Ferrari team, as well as for sim racers. Its color is inspired by the famous paddocks of the Scuderia Ferrari and its famous "Rosso Corsa". The metal headband frame adds to the headset's realistic look and ensures excellent durability.

Availability & Pricing
  • Thrustmaster eshop availability date : 10, September 2020
  • Commercial availability date: 24, September 2020
  • Suggested retail price: £89.99; €99.99; $99.99
Source: Thrustmaster
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4 Comments on Thrustmaster Releases T.Racing Scuderia Ferrari Edition-DTS Gaming Headset

dont whant to set it"'
From reading the title I was expecting a three figure price to witch I had have planned in reply an answer that was to better get the real deal one ,ie an actual Ferrari.
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Not the best time to release these:))

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You forgot the race after that ... "Our cars made it past the finish line? Hold my beer!"
(To be fair it also made Mercedes lose ... so maybe it was their Master-Plan after all :D)
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Well, it looks like a solid build on the frame...I'll give it that. I don't see screws all over, big plus. I question the logic behind the branding. Headband being covered in that cheap faux lather is a turn off. Looks like the ear pads are similar, another big blech. Also the cord being static and not replaceable is another big no.

If Thrustmaster did one of these and resolved for the few issues they have, then gave it more of a gamer look resembling themes that gamers would gravitate to, it might really be a hit. Especially if they made the shells of the headset changeable. Then you could change the look whenever you wanted.
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May 16th, 2022 19:16 EDT change timezone

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