Tuesday, March 13th 2007

PS3 Cell processor now manufactured in 65nm

According to DailyTech IBM is from now on producing the Playstation 3 powering 'Cell' processor in it's Fab in East Fishkill (N.Y.) using a 65nm process. Interestingly this particular chip factory is the same where the microprocessors that power Nintendo's Wii come from.
The shrink to 65nm will help reducing the cost (Sony is still losing money when selling it's console) and the power consumption of the system as well.Source: DailyTech
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Bird of Prey
Speaking of this, I wish I waited to get my ps3, instead of getting one of the new shipments to my local Target Store. I had the thing on last night, probably around 20 minutes or so. IT needs to be watercooled, phase changed or a/c blowing into it. That momma put out some seriously bad heat. I could feel it like 1 foot from the desk I had it on. Im thinking of investing in one of those nyko coolers for that. Id hate to have it burn up on me.
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Heh, I'm glad I waited for this :P

Now to wait a bit longer for the old 90nm PS3's to get cleared out...
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