Wednesday, March 14th 2007

CeBIT: 108 inch LCD-TV, PS3 Digital-TV mod and other big things

The CeBIT hasn't even started but news websites around the world won't get tired posting about things you will actually see there. This time the Heise Newsticker reports about the world's biggest LCD-TV made by Sharp. 108 inch (2,74 meters) is what you have to beat nowadays and to set you back right away, there is no price tag on it which doesn't mean it's for free.
If you still want to connect your game console to a big display I would advise you to look at the more affordable HD1E- and XL1E Series. You can choose between 52" and 46" and all four devices have a native solution of 1920x1080. The HD1E screens come with four tuners (DVB-S, DVB-C, DVB-T, analog) whereas the XL1Es only support DVB-T and analog TV.

Besides playing a game what could one do with a Playstation 3? - Right - watching TV! You won't believe me? Then check out the latest PS3-mod done by the c't-Magazin gurus: An external DVB-T-box here, a little bit of Linux there, mix it with some special kernel- and driver modifications, let it stay for an hour and there you go:
It's even capable to record the DVB-stream and watch it later on. Sadly the how-to-guide is the printed c't Special Mag which will only be printed in German. So I guess if you can't read the German language you have to wait until another website catches the story and translates the article. Usually within a few weeks the methods get spread around the planet.

Another big thing presents Maxpoint - a computer case with a 360mm fan at the side and another 250mm fan integrated into the front! The 'Aplus El Diablo' will cost you around 120 Euro and will be available in May.

Sharp LCD-TV PS3 Borg style Aplus El Diablo
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Senior Moderator
TV with a Ps3 is awesome. Look! a Microsoft mouse!
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108 inch?

who has a room big enough for that?
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Eric_Cartman said:
108 inch?

who has a room big enough for that?
if you have to ask....anyone who could afford it probably has room. Anyone with a job probably has a room. It's probably not more than 10' wide, which means there isn't a room in my house I couldn't fit it (excluding the kitchen/bathroom of course)

I really don't think bigger is better though. I would imagine 1080p looks like dogcrap on a 12' diag screen if you were closer than 20 feet from it.

I'd rather a nice 1080p projector and a white wall.
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Bird of Prey
its 9ft diagonally, so guessing its around 8.625' or so. Anyone has room for that, unless you live in a cubical. Wall mounting might be a pain though. Youd have to drill into 4 studs for that!

Id love to have that in my bedroom. Of course, it would take up most of one wall ( i believe my room is 16 x 12 not including the bathroom with it). Talk about high def and high surround, wont even need a surround sound system with that. Muhaha.

Im guessing the cost will be around 14,000 USD.
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having the wall space is one thing, but you would have to sit pretty far away to enjoy it

most peoples living rooms would not be big enough to fit this comfortably

though like already said, if you can afford it you probably have rooms in your house big enough to use it
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