Thursday, March 15th 2007

CeBIT starts today!

The world's biggest computer exhibition, the CeBIT, starts today! It takes place at the Messe district in Hannover (Germany) with thousands of exhibitors from around the globe. Pricing will be quite high, look at the chart below, but there will be a lot special forums and interesting events to be worth it.

Source: CeBIT
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Well, I wanted to go there (10hrs of traveling yay!) but realized that it's not worth going. I only speak for myself of course.

The main reason was that I would only had one day for it, which is not enough for a big event like the CeBIT, also there are less things which attract me. Nothing like "omg wow I have to go there, sell my house and buy new hardware there!" :)

Saved me a couple of hundred bucks ;)

But this year I WILL go to the GC07 (games convention) in Leipzig :D
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Bird of Prey

Let the good times roll. ::eagerly awaits all the juicy news goodness from the show!::
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