Thursday, March 15th 2007

CeBIT: Video Galore over here

Never before there was so much video footage around the web like today. stands out against casual everyday- and joke-content websites like YouTube for their great hardware flicks and interview video coverage. Of course is at the CeBIT, Nick and James report on-site the fare and show you what's hot and what's not.
A very hilarious thing happened during shooting the 'PreBIT' part. Fast-forward to 05:10 min and watch a 3-stage phase change cascade cooler killing the electricity of the entire ABIT booth.

In their second part, they call it HEXUS CeBIT Sofa - Day 1, Nick and James are sitting on a sofa - sorry, on two sofas - and talk about new hard- and software around the exhibition.

Update: The third sofas-part just emerged. Get some popcorn and a beer, sit back and relax: HEXUS CeBIT Sofa - Day 2.Source: Hexus Part I - PreBIT and HEXUS CeBIT Sofa - Day 1 and HEXUS CeBIT Sofa - Day 2
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Bird of Prey
ROFLMAO!! that was hillarious. Thanks for the info.
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