Thursday, March 15th 2007

Microsoft patches Windows Media Player 11 due to DRM bug

Anyone who's really been paying attention to the recent things coming through Windows Update knows that an update to the Windows Media Player 11 runtime recently has been released (say, wasn't patch Tuesday a few days ago?). Anyone who's been wondering what this update does need not look much further. There was apparently a problem with the way Windows Media Player "metered" the times a song bought over subscription services was put on a digital device. This led to all sorts of issues, such as entire music stores not working (it's not fun, trust me), and sometimes outright failures of Windows Media Player library to MP3 player transfers. You can read the full details from Microsoft as to how exactly they fixed this problem here. Or, you could just be glad that if you go through the trouble of paying for your music, you can rest assured you'll actually be allowed to listen to it. Source: The Inquirer
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Bird of Prey
Hmm...DRM issues. Not surprising really. WM11 seems to still be a bit buggy when actually play AVi files as well as other known supported media formats. 2 days ago it crashed when I inserted a CD (Creed's Human Clay, from back when I actually bought my CD's) It started playing What's this Life For and as soon as it got to the chorus (around 42 secs I think) it jarbled and then crashed with the infamous error box. Did it rightly three times it did. I even cleaned my cd (which was perfect before hand, still!) and it did the same thing. Cleaned out the pc and the laser and all that and it still did it. Update patch came and for whatever reason, it works fine now. It is a hassle though..really.
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I've always had problems with WM11 and don't see myself ever using it again.
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Creator Solaris Utility DVD
OMFG finally i had 60 gigs of music 20 up and wouldnt play i was like wtf? its mp3 and hasnt changed hopefully this will fix it.
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i have no problems at all with my media
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Yeah I wondered why it was updating my WMP 11. Now I know :D
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ive stuck with wmp10 and vlc..look no further.
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