Thursday, March 15th 2007

ATI's R600 mainstream and value-cards spotted

We already have some technical information about the R600 mid and low range up a bit down in our news-section. Today we are bringing you the first pictures. The mysterious German guy 'w0mbat' recently posted them at the VR-Zone forums. He is the same guy who pictured the first Opteron 1220 Engineering Sample a while ago and is responsible for the latest information chart regarding the K10.

Update: I found the real source (wasn't too hard) of these pictures. There are 15 of them alltogether over here: PC Games Hardware. Source: VR-Zone Forums
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12 Comments on ATI's R600 mainstream and value-cards spotted

Bird of Prey
I love that cooler.
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The RV630 GPU looks huge, still my waterblock will cover it nicely :)
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it probly cools faster then my 8800 and what are they blocking out of the pic?
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That is freakin' nice... I think I'm going to sell my x1950pro for one of those :P
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sweet! looks like x-fire dongles a-la x1950pro
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Now it says RV630 in every picture but that cooler one is not RV610 or RV630. It's dual slot, longer, has PCI-e plug and neither board haven't got the fan plug there. But sure looks nice what ever card it is :) Or then it is 512MB X2600XT version of the RV630 core and memory takes the extra space. Will be weird if the Pro version is so much smaller.
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first card is low end, second is something along the lines of a x2600pro and the last im guessing is a x2600xt
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Yep, from VR-Zone forum "RV630XT (other Rev then RV630 w/ cooler)".
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It looks nice for a stock cooler.
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Well, bank account, prepare to save some money...
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Thought I'd bump this thread so that we can have a nice blast from the past, and so we can compare these silly rumors with what W1zzard actually reviewed :).
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I never thought that heatsink would make it... bleh
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