Tuesday, December 29th 2020

FORESEE Releases P800 M.2 NVMe SSD Based on Longsys NAND Flash

Advances in technology have seen the emergence of two major development trends for storage products. On the one hand, there are more products types than ever, with diversity being the clear trend. On the other hand, the speed of product upgrades is also picking up, indicating that there will be rigorous demands for storage enterprises in the near future.

The FORESEE P800 is the latest flagship product of FORESEE, Longsys' embedded storage brand. It supports the current mainstream NVMe 1.3 protocol, provides M.2 2280 specifications, and meets PCIe Gen3 x4 standards. It utilizes both a Marvell 28 nm DRAM-base master control and original 3D TLC chips. In terms of performance, the P800 supports L1.2 low power consumption to help terminal devices lower power consumption and increase battery life. The P800's temperature control algorithm balances speed and temperature during operation. It is available in 256 GB, 512 GB, and 1 TB capacities to meet the diverse needs of various terminals, and is suitable for high-performance notebooks and desktops.
FORESEE SSD firmware is developed by the Longsys team. The main control and chips have both been optimized at the bottom layer so that the product can meet the requirements of diverse application environments. The firmware [IDA algorithm patent] independently developed by Longsys received the 20th Outstanding Patent Award from the State Intellectual Property Office of the PRC. As an improvement patent in the data storage technology field, the IDA algorithm fully utilizes SLC's unique flash memory capabilities to ensure reliable writing speeds.

The P800 SSD is a product from the FORESEE SSD line. Thanks to its powerful product development capabilities, FORESEE has launched four types of SSD products: 2.5 inch, mSATA, M.2, and BGA, which cover the SATA and PCIe mainstream interfaces.

In addition to SSD products, FORESEE oversees three product lines: embedded storage, automotive and industrial storage, and memory modules. Throughout its long history, the SSD product line has remained committed to providing customers with professional storage solutions and services.

Longsys has been involved in the storage sector for over 20 years. FORESEE, its embedded-style brand, has over 10 years of its own history. It has a mature management model in terms of product development, quality management, technical support, and after-sales service.
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4 Comments on FORESEE Releases P800 M.2 NVMe SSD Based on Longsys NAND Flash

W1zzardHmm their specs table says DRAM-less, but this is obviously a Nanya DRAM chip in the middle of the PCB
I noticed that too. Maybe a mix up with stock photo's?
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Up until today I'd never heard of Foresee, turns out it's the Chinese OEM behind Lexar all these years.

With no Lexar products being particularly noteworthy, Foresee will just be another also-ran in the race to the bottom. DRAM-less low-end hardware with a mixup in the press release doesn't exactly inspire confidence of good things to come :D

At least it's not QLC, though part of me suspects that's because QLC controllers are more complicated and expensive, which hurt profits.
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Chrispy_DRAM-less low-end hardware
DRAM-less SSD are no speed-demons, but they're not crap.
Chrispy_At least it's not QLC
Very true. In my book, that is a big point in their favor!
Chrispy_QLC controllers are more complicated and expensive, which hurt profits.
Let's not forget the lack of durability. Unacceptable for boot-time OS use or any use where moderate drive writes are a frequent thing.
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