Tuesday, January 12th 2021

EIZO Releases FlexScan EV2480 24" Frameless 1080P USB Type-C Monitor

EIZO Corporation today announced the release of the 23.8-inch FlexScan EV2480 - a frameless Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS monitor equipped with a USB Type-C terminal for improving productivity and comfort at the workplace or home office. The FlexScan EV2480 is equipped with a USB Type-C connection that allows users to display video, playback audio, transmit USB signals, and supply power to connected devices. This convenient multi-purpose connectivity makes it faster and easier to connect a laptop when moving between workstations or when working away from the office. It is also equipped with HDMI and DisplayPort inputs to provide users further flexibility.

Modern laptops are often limited in their connectivity options as a tradeoff for their enhanced portability. The EV2480's USB Type-C terminal provides users access to four USB Type-A ports for easily connecting peripherals such as an external keyboard, mouse, web camera, or storage device. In addition, the USB Type-C terminal delivers up to 70 Watt for conveniently charging small desktop PCs and laptops, eliminating the need for an additional power supply unit.
The monitor comes with a versatile stand with a wide adjustment range, featuring height adjustment, tilt, and swivel. Uses can also rotate the screen to portrait mode, making reading webpages and long text documents more pleasant.

Printing out work-related documents is becoming less common due to the increase in home offices, telecommuting, and stricter security measures. To make reading digital documents more comfortable, Paper Mode reduces the amount of blue light emitted by the monitor, helping to prevent eye fatigue. When used in conjunction with the monitor's Auto EcoView dimming function, blue light is reduced by as much as 80%.

The EV2480 implements a virtually frameless design for a minimalist aesthetic. In addition to sleek black, the cabinet is available in white for a color option that keeps the workspace feeling bright. Furthermore, EIZO provides cables to match the cabinet for full color coordination.

Additional Features
  • Eye care functions, including flicker-free display and dimming range from 1 cd/m²
  • No paint or harmful chemicals used in cabinet or stand
  • Eco-friendly custom packing
  • Five-year warranty and six-month no bright pixel guarantee

The FlexScan EV2480 will begin shipping in January 2021. The date of availability varies by country.
Source: EIZO
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5 Comments on EIZO Releases FlexScan EV2480 24" Frameless 1080P USB Type-C Monitor

They couldn't use a dark background for the pictures? :shadedshu:
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Apparently we don't have the same definition for the word "frameless".
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Caring1They couldn't use a dark background for the pictures? :shadedshu:
atleast the contrast is ok.
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where is the frameless??
Another marketing scam.
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When i first read the title, i thought, "wow awesome, at last, monitor which takes video and power through usb-c"

Than i read the article, and its plain dissapointment.

I don't even care about "frameless" word. Its clear that cosumer market will never see real ("true") frameless monitors. But i thought USBC was the thing....
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