Thursday, March 4th 2021

Genesis Rolls Out Krypton 310 Gaming Mouse

The Genesis Krypton 310 is a gaming mouse which captivates users with its simple form while providing a wide range of options. The device is equipped with programmable buttons, in-built memory as well as durable switches. The RGB illumination, on the other hand, allows for device personalization.

The Genesis Krypton 310 is a gaming mouse with an ADNS-3050 optical sensor with up to 4000 DPI, which allows for precise movement tracking. Users can configure the DPI and decrease it as far as 500 DPI. The sensor is accompanied by seven programmable buttons which can be configured with the use of the manufacturer's software. The application allows users to save complex macros and change the Prismo RGB illumination settings.
The Genesis Krypton 310 illumination covers the mouse wheel, the logo, as well as the back, bottom part of the device. Users can select from one of 16 million colors and save the configuration on the in-built memory. The device has a matt finishing, while the rubber sides provide a sure grip in every situation. The whole set is completed with teflon sliders as well as Huano switches with a durability of up to 20 million clicks.

The Genesis Krypton 310 handles acceleration up to 20 G with up to 60 inches per second movement tracking speed. The device connects to the computer with a 1.8 m cable. The mouse weighs 94 grams and costs around 25,99€ / 29,99$.The new Genesis device will be available at the stores in the coming weeks.

Technical specification:
  • Mouse model: cable
  • size: 125 x 68 x 39 mm
  • weight: 94 g
  • sensor: ADNS-3050
  • sensitivity: 500 - 4000 DPI
  • max. tracking speed: up to 60 inches per second
  • acceleration: up to 20 G
  • in-built memory: yes
  • number of buttons: 7
  • software: yes, with the option to save macros
  • illumination: yes, RGB LED with PRISMO effect
  • cord: 1.8 m USB
  • compatibility: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, Linux, Android
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3 Comments on Genesis Rolls Out Krypton 310 Gaming Mouse

Whadafukiyama.... no swiss cheese wit dat rodent.... me no understand, hehehe :D
Posted on Reply
It's funny how all these cheap "gaming" mice always use the same "magic" x2 interpolation. ADNS-3050 has a 250-2000dpi working range.
And not even a glimpse of a free mousepad at that outrageous $30 price point? Even Modecom ain't that evil.
Posted on Reply
May 28th, 2022 14:02 EDT change timezone

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