Saturday, March 24th 2007

Mitac International to Acquire Tyan Computer

Mitac International announced on March 22 a merger deal with its subsidiary Tyan Computer in which one share of Mitac International will be exchanged for 1.26 shares of Tyan. Billy Ho, president of Mitac International said the merger is expected to be completed by the third quarter of this year. Currently, the Mitac Group holds a total of a 35% stake in Tyan, which has a paid-in capital of around US$20 million. Ho also pointed out that Mitac is a OEM for the top-five server brands while Tyan focuses on the VAR (value-added reseller) and SI (system integration) market, so there are no business conflicts. After the merger, Tyan’s product lineup, project testing, production volume and supply chain will be more complete and the company can be more competitive in the market.Source: DigiTimes
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Bird of Prey
Does Tyan make server boards?
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Señor Moderator
WarEagleAU said:
Does Tyan make server boards?
It's their main business.
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